Know Thyself

Hello, everyone.

For me, the easiest way I can forgive people for their offenses against me is to try to see similar behavior on my part against them or others. I can often forgive quite easily if I can see the same behavior in me. The problem is in that sometimes it takes some real looking, not because I am short on sin, but because we are all not prone to the same behaviors. This means I can either be unforgiving and increase in bitterness, or I can examine my own heart/behavior. The former is easier, the latter is better.

I heard a story of two men tonight. One who had forgiven a man that had killed his father. And one that had forgiven a man that killed close friends. Each had forgiven these murderers. One of the murderers later gave his life to Christ.

The practice of searching my self to prevent any unforgiveness has been a very rewarding one and I have found that over time it has gotten easier.

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