Arizona Shootings

Bless You

I am only writing this to put it on record that I do not feel I am, or anyone else not related personally to those involved, innocent and guilty, qualified to comment on the event.

I am offended that the victims will always be associated with this ‘tragedy’ in respect to it’s political agenda. From a world that gave them no identity or even knew them was applied the most convenient labels available.

I am also offended that I am expected to get on board with everyone else and hate and judge the shooter. He will be judged. The most offensive part of the Gospel is that a man such as him could be saved. If he were it would make me very angry, but we serve a God of pure Love. I know I want complete forgiveness, how can I define the limit of God’s Forgiveness?

But don’t get me wrong, if I was locked up with him I would probably beat him senseless only to afterwards ask his forgiveness..

I thank God I have a God that is not like me.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”
Isaiah 55:8

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