The Worlds Hatred Of Goodness

It is written of Isreal’s son Joseph that his brothers, “hated him yet more for his dreams, and for his words.”

Joseph was prefered by his father Isreal and was also, as later shown in later chapters, very intelligent. My question is, what did it get him? It got him thrown into a well, sold into slavery and hated by his own brothers.

The world is not much different. We are all born with a, “good for you” attitude to those who are gifted or prefered in any real way. Man is naturally resentful of things that are pure, innocent or preferred. Joseph is none of these, he is just a man. A man that was hated by his own brothers simply because he was preferred by their father. A hated man that rose form nothing to sit at the right hand of the most powerful man on the earth.

Sound familiar?

To summarize, what would anyone say about a man that is hated by his own brothers? Clearly there is something wrong with such a one. How could 12 people -brothers, be so unreasonable?

So, you see, I am naturally slow to join others in hating anyone. No matter who or what they are. Nobody walks a mile on anybodies shoes.

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