By the River
I never felt the same again,
as  how I felt with you,
so long ago, when we stood by the river,
and I lifted up your hands.

We made so many plans,
in each others eyes,
and where are those plans?
I never felt the same again..

Your hair was so fine,
and your eyes so bright,
and I could see in your smile,
your young careless heart,
How could I not love you,
and send you away,
I will serve you and own you,
and you will always be safe.

June 11 2010


A Woman’s Heart
Like cold empty beaches,
and wild overgrown gardens,
can I know what reaches,
as young hearts grow hardened,
who learns and who teaches,
In a woman’s heart?

As Professors grow bitter,
and withdraw off alone,
Is passion so present,
that logic refrains,
I’m guessing it isn’t,
but I see the pain,
In a woman’s heart,

Like weird shiny charms,
in boxes long gone,
are dreams all they are,
on some strangers arm,
she said that they aren’t,
but I see the pain,
In a woman’s heart.

She likes the rays of the sunshine,
shining thru the trees,
and she blooms in the moonlight,
you know we always had a good time,
you and me Marjolene,
laughing and smiling you made it easy,

You’r Beautiful!

But nothing can compare to a love that waits there,
I can’t help feeling incomplete when your not there,
hanging on your chain, so tired and weak,
picking up the magic,
that lies at your feet,

You’r beautiful!

Dreaming up poems down everybody’s street,
right through her lovers is how she speaks,
who can’t help but feeling incomplete,
when they look around,
and they can’t find her on the streets!
But Marjolene,

You’r beautiful!
You’r beautiful to me.