How I memorized the Book Of Jonah

The Praise Movement Radio show did 21 episodes covering the Book of Jonah. We would do a few verses then the next time we would do a few more, but not without Ron first recapping the previous verses. From the start of the program I was often saying, “How about we keep the recap shorter?” I just wanted to hear more teachings but he insisted on keeping the recap the exact length he wanted which is anywhere form 1 to 4 minutes. If he goes over 4 minutes he knows I will loose it so this has become the bar.. funny stuff sometimes. Either way, I often still persistent in this, like water on a rock. Problem is, I have come to learn, that Ron is harder material than rock.

Anyway, like it or not, the recapping continued. The upside is that it has incredibly strengthened my verse memory. After a few episodes I often will know the material verse by verse. This has been a tremendous blessing as I use it to meditate throughout the day and especially at night. I can actually go through very long passages just by memory. Of course it goes without mentioning that Ron’s teaching is probably the most sincere, tangible and personal I have ever heard. (This is actually the reason the words, “Hey Ron, You should do a radio show” came out of my mouth in the first place.)

Wanna learn the Book of Jonah too? Just click here.

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