Prayer life of Jesus 2

Bless you!

There is a big difference in knowing someone and knowing things about someone. The latter is solely assumption. I have often thought I knew someone and was very surprised by their behavior. While studying the Bible is a great way to learn about the nature of God it is through truly seeking Him with our hearts and minds in prayer and meditation on His Word (and how His word fits in our lives) that we begin to have a real relationship with Him and understand not only His nature, but more importantly what He is doing inside and through us.

Jesus ministry is bookended by prayer. It started at His baptism and it continued to the last at Calvary. In fact prayer had a huge part to do with Him even going to Calvary to save us all (Mark 14.36). He prayed before He chose the twelve disciples and before and after He fed the five thousand. It is interesting to note that what Jesus was doing was seeking His Father continually and that though He has done more for humankind than anyone He in no way ‘sought’ humankind. He sought His Father, God. Amazingly His primary relationship was not with humankind, but with God. He knew that God’s Will would prevail. I know the same thing, but I can’t save anyone. What a tremendous burden He must have felt.

Father God, I pray that you will soften our hearts to see our complete need to have you as our first call in our troubles, not our own ideas, not our own desires, or manipulations based on our fears, but a immediate calling and fully open account to you of our fears and plans. We ask for the faith to totally trust you as our Father never forgetting what you have done for us in Christ Jesus, in whose name we pray, amen.

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