A Prayer

Bless you reader.

I have friends that I love very much. I care for them and pray for them carefully and continually because I see all that they are going thru and my heart is so softened by their trials I just want to be kind to them and love them more.


But I know that the first thing I should seek is not to serve them but to serve God and thereby can I then love and serve them. I know that by doing this I can truly help them and be a real friend to them. It is awkward sometimes because I have the urge to reach out to them or talk to them or some other outward display, but instead I try to pray to God first about His plans for their life versus mine, His goodness versus my cluelessness, His Love versus my indifference…

Dear Father, in my own broken way I love you and I praise you not only as loving or kind, but as the Creator of Love and kindness. The Creator of joy, the Creator of peace, the Creator of mercy, and forgiveness, patience and truth itself. All the good I have ever known and all my safety has come from you. You have protected and forgiven me over and over in innumerable ways. There is none like you that would or could go before me and make a safe way for me. There is no Love, no hope, no peace apart from you and yet I can’t keep you far enough away. Still, you Love me. Still, you have saved me. Still, you lead me surely out of my crooked and selfish path toward my final hope of being with you. Who cold truly love me as You do? Who can heal my brokenness but You?
You bless us with mercy and grace and who can name all the lives the you save. I praise you Lord because you are not like us. Only perfect Father. I totally trust in your Son Jesus and I only do not fear Your judgement out of faith and trust in Him and Him alone. In whose name I pray. Help my faith Father.

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