Romans 5.19 (Predestination)

“For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.”

Regarding the previous verse: 12-18 and how one man caused all to sin and by one man all are made free from sin I can say this; I don’t really understand it. I believe it and I can see how that may be the way it simply is, but I can’t really understand it in any really tangible way. I mean, I didn’t commit any of Adams sins (I committed all of them), I never rejected God’s provision and went my own way (I do this everyday), I never added to Gods word or was irresponsible with it, (I also do this everyday in some way)… Maybe you get my point. I was actually guilty of this behavior before I was even born. Was I really guilty? To me: no. But was I guilty before the ages? Yes, absolutely.

Anyway after all this cosmic theology guess what happened… I was born for real and guess what I did? I sinned. Funny, because “as by one man’s disobedience” I was finally made a real sinner. Yippee.

More deep thoughts:
Did I have a choice in any of this? Could I have not sinned?
No, I consider that life is actually more of an infliction upon us and God is amazingly graceful to us in this by providing the complete and perfect provision of Christ.  This is why God did not allow there to be 2 saviors from sin. Sin is a universal problem (who would argue this?) and it would of been nuts if we would of had to choose between two saviors to save us from it.

Bigger thought:
Did I have a choice about being saved from my sin? Could I have resisted God’s grace?
No and no. Notice, “..shall many be made righteous” Not, “shall many make themselves righteous.”
To unbelievers predestination is the cruelest concept because it just leaves them out. To believers it is a very important reality to grasp. God Chose us. He came to us. He went where we were. He was there at our lowest point.

When I got saved I knew I needed saving because God worked in my heart to tell me so. For me to say that I worked up the notion and found the need and decided to make a decision for Christ makes it something I did. The reality is I would of never invented salvation and I would of pushed my conscience aside forever with out the Holy Spirit (God) working in me to convince me of this need.

I praise God in prayer often on  these very points thanking him that he made it so simple and clear.

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